1. MAKROFLEX WHITETEQ - new technology

    Introducing the innovative WHITETEQ technology to MAKROFLEX, the most advanced foam technology is accessible to you - now.  


    MAKROFLEX WHITETEQ foams radically differ from what one is used to working with so far. By changing the product tech­nology, shortcomings of existing PU foams were solved and unseen unique properties were achieved.


    MAKROFLEX WHITETEQ owes most of its highly improved properties to its unique QUATTRO Foam Structure with 4x more cells. This prevents the emergence of large voids and results in:

    • improved heat insulation qualities
    • improved sound reduction level
    • increased elasticity & durability

    MAKROFLEX WHITETEQ additionally benefits from a new and advanced packaging with the Temperature Indicator. It demonstrates that the can content has reached the optimal temperature range for excellent foaming results or alerts if the can temperature exceeds its minimum temperature with a blue snowflake appearing.


    It’s as simple & efficient as that – with MAKROFLEX WHITETEQ.

  2. Common and uniform standards for One-Component- Foam (OCF) products

    Customers like to verify and compare PU properties over different products. Henkel as a member of multinational association FEICA supports implementation of standardized test methods for OCF products to facilitate this comparison.


    Costumers are the highest value not only for Henkel but also for the rest members of Working Group within FEICA who represents more than 90% of the OCF market in Europe. That’s why they have committed to introducing & using standard test methods to evaluate and communicate the various properties of OCF products, such as foam yield, sagging behaviour or mechanical parameters.


    That is why now customers can compare the technical data about the product performance in an objective, simple and understandable way. Even more, the underlying industrywide standard test methods are disclosed and publicly accessible on FEICA website.


    FEICA is a multinational association representing the European adhesive and sealant industry, including One-Component-Foam (OCF) manufacturers. Further information about organization at:

  3. MAKROFLEX – Continuing official sponsorship of 2013 Icehockey World Championship (IIHF)

    Henkel is the 7th year in a row continuously supporting Ice Hockey World Championship, hosted by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). This year the event takes place in Helsinki and Stockholm on 3rd to 19th of May 2013.


    Sponsorship of large scale international sport events enables MAKROFLEX to support sport development across the regions and be closer to customers, to those who are inspired by challenging oneself, by technical excellence and dedicated to high achievements.

    National team from Russia has become the World Champion in 2012 in a furious competition with Slovakia. Will they manage to keep this position? Let’s see altogether…


  4. MAKROFLEX confirmed as worldwide leader in PU Foams

    Since the early ages of the industrial production of one component PU Foams, Henkel is an integral part of this market.


    Our goal from then to now was and is to develop and offer solutions that satisfy our customers' highest demands in terms of quality, performance, ease of use, innovativeness and environmental protection.


    Even more, we build direct relationships and proximity to our customers through strong brands that helps us to consistently improve and deliver our promises, whatever country it may be - from USA to Japan, from Australia to Finland.


    This dedication paired with our customer’s trust in our solutions made us the Nr. 1 leading producer of branded one component PU Foams in the world*.


    *MAKROFLEX from Henkel