Thermoresistant silicone sealant



  • Application temperature: + 5°C to + 40°C
  • Temperature resistance: - 65°C to + 260°C, temporary up to + 315°C
  • Open time/Application time: appr. 15 minutes
  • Drying time: ca. 2 days with a thickness of 5mm (at 23°C and 50% rel. humidity)

MAKROFLEX TA145 thermoresistant silicone sealant is a heat resistant special silicone for sealing and adhering material which are exposed to permanently high temperature or extreme variations in temperature e.g. oven and chimneys, ceramic glass cocktops, backing oven or even as engine gasket.

Application areas

For sealing and adhesion of

  • Oven pipes
  • Heating devices
  • Backing oven
  • Ceramic glass cocktops

Adheres well on porcelain/china, ceramic tiles, glass, enamel, aluminium and other metals, wood and stone/bricks. Not suitable for acrylic, PE,PP, EPDM and PTFE as well as natural stone and acid sensitive metals.

Packaging: 300 ml cartridges


Keep in a cool, dry place and protect cartridge from frost. Contents can remain usable for up to 24 months depending on storage conditions.

How to use


Substrate preparation

If applicable, remove the old sealant cutting it out with a cutter. Then wipe out the remaining marks by using White spirit as helping solvent. The joint should be clean, dry and clear of dirt, loose material and old sealant. Apply masking tape on both sides along the joint in order not to overflow on the adjacent surfaces.


  • Place the cartridge into the silicone applicator.
  • The tip of the nozzle should be cut off as lant (at about 45 degrees) according to the joint width.
  • Apply the adhesive on one of the joint surface by zigzag or small frequent points and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Pull the trigger to apply sealant into the joint. Ensure sealant is applied evenly and has good contact with both sides of the joint.
  • Apply the sealant between 2 adhesive strips, pushing forward to fill the join and make it watertight.
  • Smooth sealant with a smoothing tool within 5 minutes. Remove excess sealant immediately with a smoothing tool or your finger dripped in liquid soap (depending on the product).
  • Remove the tape before the sealant cures. The seal will be perfectly straight and smooth.


Tools and stained surfaces can be cleaned with white spirit before the sealant is cured.