1200°C Heat resistant sealant



  • Resistant to extreme temperatures up to 1200ºC (short term: 1500°C)
  • Resistant to direct flame
  • Good adhesion on the most common substrates in construction
  • No shrinking
  • Does not release fumes
  • Can be painted

MAKROFLEX HA147 is an inorganic based sealant, with special thickening additives, which dries through the evaporation of water to form a hard joint without cracks and with high temperature resistance. Specially formulated for joints with few vibrations and low movements subjected to temperatures of up to 1200ºC (short term: 1500°C).

Substrates: cement, concrete, brick, glass, iron, steel, galvanised steel, anodised aluminium.

Application areas

  • Cracks repairs in ovens
  • Sealing of joints subjected to direct flame
  • Sealing and positioning of refractory bricks
  • Fixing fire-resistant panels
  • Smoke outlets and flues
  • Sealing and bonding for: stoves, boilers, ovens, chimneys and barbecues
  • Exhaust pipes

Packaging: 300 ml cartridges


The product quality is preserved unchanged for 12 months after the date of production if stored in a cool (between +5°C and +25°C), dry place in unopened cartridges.

How to use


Substrate preparation

If applicable, remove the old sealant cutting it out with a cutter. Then wipe out the remaining marks by using White spirit as helping solvent. All surfaces must be firm, dry and clean, free from any dust and grease or anything which may be detrimental to correct adhesion. In very absorbent surfaces, damp the surface a little, this will improve adhesion.


Cut the nozzle to the required measure and apply with the aid of an application gun. Where necessary, smooth with a spatula before the putty surface dries. Let the putty dry for a minimum of 2 days before slowly and progressively raising the temperature, to avoid the formation of bubbles.


Clean the working tools with water before the product dries.


Do not allow the dried joint to be in contact with standing water.