PU Foams

MAKROFLEX 65 TurboBooster

1K polyurethane strawfoam with high yield


  • Excellent adhesion on most materials
  • High thermal and acoustical insulation
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Resistant to aging
  • Economical – precise dosage
  • Low curing pressure

MAKROFLEX 65 is polyurethane foam featuring high output of the foam. It is easily usable and applicable with attached straw. Special formulation and special turbo-booster nozzle are increasing foam yield. The characteristics of the foam during application are similar to gun foams – economical dosage, precise filling, low curing pressure. MAKROFLEX 65 has an excellent adhesion on wood, concrete, stone, metal etc. Product does not contain CFC propellants.

Application areas

  • Insulating window- and door frames
  • Filling of cavities
  • Sealing of openings in roof constructions and insulation materials
  • Creating a soundproof screens
  • Filling of cavities around pipes
  • Fixing and insulating of wall panels, roof tiles, etc.

Application temperature (environment) of this product is +5°C to +30°C. Can has preferably to be stored for at least 12 hours in room temperature. Recomended can temperature: +5 … +30 °C.

Best before 12 months. For longest shelf life avoid storage above +25°C and below +5°C (up to – 20°C for a short period).

Packaging: 750/1000 ml

How to use

PU Foams

Substrate preparation

  • Ensure substrates are stable, clean and free of substances likely to impair adhesion.
  • Moisturize mineral, porous substrates (brickwork, concrete,limestone) with water spray for enhanced adhesion.
  • Mask off adjacent areas with foil.

Can preparation

  • Application temperature (environment) of this product is +5°C to +30°C.
  • Store can preferably for at least 12 hours in room temperature. Limits for can temperature: +5 … +30 °C.
  • Shake the can vigorously for at least 15 sec.
  • The application surfaces must be clean and free from dust. They can be moist, but not iced.


  • Dispense the foam sparingly to avoid excess overflows. Repeat shaking regularly during application.
  • Remove the plastic cap from the can and screw the plastic pipe tightly onto the can. When working with the can always keep the can upside down (valve down). Dosage is adjustable by pressing the trigger of the valve. Since the foam is expanding until cured, some free space for expanding should be left.
  • Moisturising the surfaces and the foam improves adhesion and cured foam’s cellular structure.
  • If there are longer pauses than 5 to 10 minutes during working, the nozzle and valve must be cleaned using a CLEANER.


Limitations to joint maximal width exist in regard of ambient temperature and humidity levels. In dry conditions (during winter time, in rooms with central heating etc.), in order to get best foam structure and foam properties it is recommendable to fill gaps and joints in several layers by the application of smaller foam strings (up to 3 -4 cm thickness) and slightly moisturizing between every layer.