PU Foams


2K polyurethane foam


  • Fast curing
  • Extremely firm and strong foam
  • Strong curing pressure for firm installation
  • Resistant to ageing when protected from UV
  • Very good sound and thermal insulation

MAKROFLEX 2K is a fast curing 1,5-component polyurethane strawfoam. The propellant mixure is CFC-free and the product conforms to all current EU legislation. The foam is self-expanding and will be free from dust after about 6 min. Applied foam is fully stable in 30 minutes. No additional moisturising of the foam is required. Cured foam is semi-rigid and elastic, has high closed cell content and is fully resistant to ageing, but is not resistant to UV radiation.

Application areas

  • Fast mounting of window- and doorframes
  • Fast gap filling
  • Quick sealing of openings in roof constructions and insulation materials
  • Fast filling of cavities around pipes in time-sensitive applications

Application temperature of this product is min +10°C, maximum application temperature +25°C.

Best before 12 months. For longest shelf life avoid storage above +25°C and below +5°C (up to – 20°C for a short period).

Packaging: 400/650 ml

How to use

PU Foams


Two-component PU-systems develop some heat due to the chemical reaction of the two components inside the can. The foam must not be used if the can temperature exceeds +25°C. the contents of the can must be used up within 8 minutes after the two components have been mixed. If the can is not emptied completely it is possible that the can will reach a temperature of +50°C with risk of bursting.

Substrate preparation

  • Application surfaces must be firm, clean and free of dust, grease and mould release agents. Surfaces, which are too wet may cause shrinkage of the cured foam.
  • Frame elements and other construction components should be assembled properly for secure fixing.
  • Mask off adjacent areas with foil.

Can activation

  • Remove the button from the protective cap and put it into the activation fitting on the bottom of the canister.
  • Push the button down. After activation shake the can min 20 times, holding it upside down.
  • Remove plastic cap and screw plastic straw tightly onto the can. If the components have been properly mixed, the foam is blue.


  • Keep the can upside down during application.
  • Half-fill the gaps – foam will expand after application.
  • The foam should be used up within 4 minutes from the moment of activation! If instant application is impossible, cool the can – if the can cannot be used and emptied in this time there is risk of overheating and bursting.


Only uncured foam can be cleaned using Makroflex Cleaner. Cured foam can be removed only mechanically.