PU Foams


1K polyurethane gunfoam


  • High movement capability (25 % compression-elongation, tested at i.f.t. Rosenheim)
  • High termal insulation (up to 0,37 Wt/mK)
  • High sound-damping up to 60 Db according to DIN 52210 (i.f.t. Rosenheim)
  • Low post expansion
  • Low curing pressure

MAKROFLEX Premium Window is high quality polyurethane foam that delivers excellent results in various weather conditions. Product was specially designed for durable external insulation of windows and doors. High movement capacity of the cured foam reliably compensates the movements of the joint caused by temperature changes and movements of construction materials. Elastic foam practically doesn’t have shrinkage and does not crack. High termal and sound insulation contributes to the optimal temperature and perfect soundproof in room. It is easily usable and applicable with special foam applicator. The foam is self-expanding having very minimal post expansion and curing pressure. Has excellent adhesion on most building materials like wood, concrete, stone, metal etc. Allows usability at low temperatures, up to -10°C, depending on joint width. Product does not contain CFC-propellants.
Can is equipped with new generation valve, contributing to longer shelf-life and long-term quality of the product.

Application areas

  • Works demanding highest quality standard
  • Insulation of window and door frames
  • Filling of cavities and connecting joints
  • Creating soundproof screens

Application temperature (environment) of this product is -10 °C to +30°C. Can has preferably to be stored for at least 12 hours in room temperature. Limits for can temperature: +5…+30 °C.

Best before 18 months. For longest shelf life avoid storage above +25°C and below +5°C (up to – 20°C for a short period).

Packaging: 750/1000 ml

How to use

PU Foams

Substrate preparation

  • Ensure substrates are stable, clean and free of substances likely to impair adhesion.
  • Moisturize mineral, porous substrates (brickwork, concrete, limestone) with water spray for enhanced adhesion.
  • Mask off adjacent areas with foil.

Can preparation

  • Application temperature (environment) of this product is -10°C (-15 °C) to +30°C.
  • Store can preferably for at least 12 hours in room temperature. Limits for can temperature: +5 … +30 °C.
  • Shake the can vigorously before use (15 * 20 times).
  • Remove the plastic cap from the can and screw the can tightly onto the gun.
  • When working with the gun always keep the can upside down.
  • The outflow rate of the foam is controlled by pressing the gun trigger.


  • Dispense the foam sparingly to avoid excess overflows. Repeat shaking regularly during application.
  • It is not recommendable to remove the can before it is totally empty. When replacing the can shake the new can vigorously. Unscrew the empty can and replace it immediately to ensure that there is no air left in the gun.
  • If you do not want to replace the can, remove the foam from the gun using PU foam cleaner. Hardened foam can only be removed mechanically.


Limitations to joint maximal width exist in regard of ambient temperature and humidity levels. In dry conditions (during winter time, in rooms with central heating etc.), in order to get best foam structure and foam properties it is recommendable to fill gaps and joints in several layers by the application of smaller foam strings (up to 3 -4 cm thickness) and slightly moisturizing between every layer.

Please use the applicator tested and approved by the producer of the can for best working experience!