PU accessories

Makroflex foam applicator MG-PRO

Light and sound foam applicator

  • Lightweight aluminium body
  • Durable backseal: >50’000 cycles
  • Adjustable foam flow, big adjusting knob, stepless
  • Double-diameter long (20 cm) barrel
  • Standard extrusion rate: 95 g in 10 sec @ +5 °C


How to use

PU accessories


  • Shake the can strongly for about 15 sec.
  • Screw the thread of the can onto the shaft until the can is tight, being careful not to strip the threads.


  • Pull the trigger to start the flow of foam.
  • Regulate the stream of flow by adjusting the rear knob.
  • If using more than one can per job, replace the empty can as soon as possible to avoid hardening of the foam in the gun


  • A partially used can can be left on the gun. It is not necessary to clean the gun until the can is completely empty. If the empty can is replaced with new one immediately the cleaning is not necessary.
  • Clean the gun as soon as possible after the can is empty to avoid the foam from becoming hard inside the gun. Once the foam has become hard in the gun, solvent will not dissolve the foam's residuals.


  • Clean the gun with the recommended cleaning agent. Any other type solvent can damage the gun. NEVER USE WATER TO CLEAN THE GUN!
  • Leave the solvent in the gun for 2 minutes. Release the solvent from the gun by pressing the gun trigger. Repeat this process until the solvent released is completely clean with no trace of the foam.

Extensive cleaning

  • Unscrew the regulation knob and remove the needle. Clean the needle with a non-abrasive product. Hardened foam will damage the needle.
  • Grease the needle before replacing it in the gun. Replace the empty can as soon as possible.


  • Foam leaks out even when the gun is off: unscrew the can, release the pressure and empty the foam remaining inside the gun. Remove the needle and clean the gun with solvent. Remove the frontal nozzle with a set of screw wrench. Check the frontal nozzle. Clean if necessary. The front nozzle will wear out with use and should be replaced when it becomes worn.
  • If the can becomes stuck on the shaft, try removing carefully as THE CAN MAY BURST IF PIERCED!

Safety advice

Do not point this gun at any other person. Always wear eye protection. Take advice from the manufacturer of the material you are spraying with this product and wear an appropriate face mask. Do not allow children anywhere near your spraying equipment. Do not spray in enclosed areas and maintain good ventilation.