Following the brand promise of MAKROFLEX, we researched among professional craftsmen and DIYers to figure out how to significantly improve current PU foams on the market today.

To achieve this, we introduced the innovative WHITETEQ technology to MAKROFLEX. 

MAKROFLEX WHITETEQ foams radically differ from what one is used to working with so far. By changing the product tech­nology, shortcomings of existing PU foams were solved and unseen unique properties were achieved.

MAKROFLEX WHITETEQ owes most of its highly improved properties to its unique QUATTRO Foam Structure with 4x more cells. This prevents the emergence of large voids and results in:

  • improved heat insulation qualities
  • improved sound reduction level
  • increased elasticity & durability

MAKROFLEX WHITETEQ additionally benefits from a new and advanced packaging with the Temperature Indicator. It demonstrates that the can content has reached the optimal temperature range for excellent foaming results or alerts if the can temperature exceeds its minimum temperature with a blue snowflake appearing.